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Ask the Grad – Why?

Why “Ask the Grad”?

To Dispel The Myth

Why Ask the Grad?

I began “Ask the Grad” back in May of 2010 as a short-term project. I am grateful and amazed that it will continue going strong into 2011!  My original goal was to find a few home educated adults in different walks of life and allow them to share how their homeschool experiences were singular yet life-changing.  We homeschool grads (yes, I am one of them) understand the stigma that comes with the label, the uncertainties homeschool parents face, and the unique outlook on life itself that comes from growing up homeschooled.

To Tell the Stories

It is important homeschool graduates share their stories.  Homeschooling parents need the encouragement of hearing from graduates, imagining their child, too, can succeed.  They yearn to know others have gone before them successfully and taught young men and women of character to live productive, God-honoring lives in various ministries and vocations.  They need to know that home education does, indeed, enable parents to pass on their faith to their offspring.

To Ask the Tough Questions


Ask the Tough Questions

These stories are also an important clue to learning from our mistakes.  As each homeschool graduate bravely answers the questions “What do you wish your parents had done differently?” and “What do you wish you had known?”, the next generation of homeschool parents has a valuable opportunity to stand on the previous pioneers’ shoulders. These are not easy issues to address; homeschool grads are parent-loyal to a fault.  Yet as we openly discuss ways in which home education – and the homeschool movement at large – can benefit from learning the lessons of past mistakes, we will all grow in Christ-likeness together. That takes true humility.

To Be Encouraged

I am so proud to know each of the “Ask the Grad” participants.  They are each contributing to their family, church, and community in meaningful ways.  I have been personally challenged by their testimonies and encouraged by their stories.  I know you, reader, are enjoying the series; it is the best-read and most-shared post each week. And rightly so. Someday, your child could be the featured author here, sharing what a great mentor you were and how your sacrifices changed his life … forever.

So let’s look back at a few of the first “Ask the Grad” profiles.  You may have missed these if you came lately to the series.

Rachel Starr Thomson, author of books on Christian speculative fiction, devotion, and homeschooling.

Samalah Gray, website designer of Website Creation NZ in New Zealand.

Ian Lamont, founder and owner of Slickepott all natural Fudge Sauce.

And when we resume with brand-new profiles in 2011…

Do YOU have a question to ask a homeschool graduate?

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