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Day 14: Learning Styles for Elementary

How to help your elementary student maximize his learning style. #homeschool #write31days

The most important point about learning styles is to not use them as a weapon against ourselves. It’s not about all the ways we are momming wrong. It’s about empowering our student to learn the way he does best.

You can homeschool to your child's learning style

How do you help your elementary student use his learning style?

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  1. I realized this week that in teaching my boys together I had been giving my younger child a bit too much and may be close to taking away the enjoyment of learning. He’s such a good reader and has such a strong vocabulary that I forget he’s 7 1/2. He’s also my kinesthetic learner and pokey because he actually thinks about stuff while he’s working – – some related and some not. It’s not unusual for him to shout out some amazing fact he just learned and how it might apply to him. Thanks for your list of ideas. I’m going to use them as a springboard.

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